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State Letter Grade

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Marana Middle Receives an "C" Letter Grade

The Arizona Department of Education has released A-F School Letter Grades scores based on data from the 2022-23 school year and Marana Middle School received a C Letter Grade.

We look forward to reflecting on this assessment to make positive changesLerona Dickson, principal

“Marana Middle School has been informed that we received a C Letter Grade. While we are somewhat disappointed in this grade, it is important to recognize that letter grades are just one measure of how well a school is performing. They are a snapshot in time, representing a few weeks of testing; they are merely one variable and not reflective of all the wonderful things that are happening in our great school. We look forward to reflecting on this assessment to make positive changes,” said Mrs. Lerona Dickson, principal.

School Profile

All Marana schools have created profiles that provide a snapshot of their school and include a range of information on demographics, clubs, special classes, standardized testing grades, points of pride, and more. Profiles are separate from ADE letter grades, however, they provide additional insight into each school’s culture, programs and people. 

View Marana Middle School’s profile.

About State Letter Grades

School letter grades are determined using a formula that weighs a range of academic measures, including year-to-year student academic growth, proficiency in English language arts, math and science, the proficiency and academic growth of English language learners, attendance, special education metrics, high school dropout and graduation rates, as well as indicators that high school students are ready to succeed in a career or higher education.

A complete report of all Marana Schools’ grades are posted on the District website.