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Students at tables in breezeway

It is with great excitement that I welcome you to our incredible school!  I have been an educator in the state of Arizona for nearly 20 years and I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to serve as principal of MMS. You will find that each staff member at Marana Middle School is completely dedicated to the success of our students.  We understand how crucial the middle school years are.  We have created many programs for our students that result in a truly unique educational experience.  We also have developed a climate that we hope ensures our students love coming to school each day! We want our students to be well-rounded scholars who also experience the fun and joy of learning. 

It is the passion of the MMS staff to work with our students to introduce, practice and strengthen the skills, habits and behaviors necessary for personal growth and academic success. We also strive each day to evoke the love of learning in all students on our campus. 

Please contact me anytime with questions or concerns you might have. It is our goal to nurture a true partnership with our parents in order to create an environment where the unique needs of each child are met. Please join us for all of the wonderful events and activities that we have at our school. We want you to feel as though this is your school as much as it is your child’s! 

As the Principal of MMS, my purpose is to create a school where the academic, social and developmental needs of our students are the top priority. Each decision I make is made with this belief as the foundation.  It takes a great team to accomplish these lofty goals and we have a great team at Marana Middle! As part of that team, please share any concerns or suggestions you might have. Together, we can accomplish so much! 

Lerona Dickson

Lerona Dickson


PHONE: (520) 682-4730

As principal, Ms. Dickson oversees school leadership and educational services.