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2024 MMS Yearbook Photo Contest winners

2024 MMS Yearbook Photo Contest winners

Part of being in the yearbook class is learning how to take better pictures using our Canon DSLR cameras. Students learn basic principles of photography prior to making the yearbook. These concepts include Fill the Frame and Perspective (worm's eye, bird's eye, and lateral). After the yearbook has been completed, the students learn more advanced topics. These topics include: Rule of Thirds, Depth of Field, Freezing the Frame (shutter speed). Students conclude their photography journey with taking monochromatic photos.

Students entered their best picture for each of the topics into an end of the year photo contest. The contest winners were compiled into a Google Forms and sent out for voting. We had 226 total votes to crown this year's winners (thank you to students, staff, parents, and community for casting their votes!).

And the winners are . . .

Fill the Frame: Brooklyn G.

Bird's Eye View: Bailey J.

Worm's Eye view: Rylan A.

Rule of Thirds: Lily B.

Depth of Field: E. V.

Shutter Speed: Brooklyn G.

Monochromatic: Colbie H.

Collage of the winning pictures

Photo Contest Winners 2024

Mini donut picture

Fill the Frame Winner

Photo by: Brooklyn G.

photo winner for Bird's Eye View of Homer the school tortoise

Bird's Eye View Winner

Photo by: Bailey J.

Photo of crack in sidewalk

Worm's Eye View Winner

Photo by: Rylan A.

Photo of sheep from the land lab

Rule of Thirds Winner

Photo by: Lily B.

Shallow depth of field of dominoes

Depth of Field Winner

Photo by: E.V.

Photo of jenga block tower collapsing

Shutter Speed Winner

Photo by: Brooklyn G.

Monochromatic flowers

Monochromatic Photo Winner

Photo by: Colbie H.